The tour
under control

IncentiveApp is a modern and intuitive app designed by Pro Duct BBF team to manage group tours of all types and sizes.

at your fingertips

With IncentiveApp, travellers always have all the essential information at their fingertips, while the tour organiser and guides are able to swiftly get in touch with them at any time.


More than 90% travellers take their smartphone on their journey - so why not tap into its capabilities? To save paper, time, money and ... keep stress at bay.

Goodbye printouts!

For participants

Itinerary, assembly points, assignment into groups and coaches, contact numbers, maps, essential info: what to pack, how to dress, links to hotel websites or local attractions.

For guides

Dedicated agendas, checklists, swift communication with participants.

Daily schedule

All participants have the tour itinerary on their smartphones - the only thing they always remember to take with them... hours, assembly points, activities scheduled for different days - the number of items depends on you.

What to pack?

IncentiveApp enables you to communicate with tour participants before departure. Make sure they remember to take all the essential things, remind them about departure times, permitted luggage sizes, etc. ...

Checklist (text messages to absent participants)

The guide may at any time benefit from the checklist of all participants or a selected subgroup: to quickly check if everyone is present or send a text message to those who are absent with a single click.


IncentiveApp provides guides and organisers with an easy to use tool for selective communication with participants. Every tour sees changes in hours, new assembly points or some unexpected circumstances.


You may add fragments of maps, itineraries or hand-sketched drafts.

Mobility pays off

Benefits for all

The Participant

Has all essential information available in a transparent and appealing format at his/her fingertips. Constantly receives updates and notifications about changes in the agenda.

The Guide

Special functionalities help the guide efficiently manage the group and promote easy communication with its members.

The Organiser

Swiftly and easily enters, modifies, publishes and updates content relevant to the tour, engages in selective communication with participants while the tour lasts and after it ends.

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